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Q: Who was Washington's flag bearer in Revolutionary War?
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What was George washingtons job during revolutionary war?

He was a Commander( i think )

What war was going on when Betsy Ross made the flag?

The Revolutionary War.

What war was going on while Betsy working on flag?

The revolutionary war.

What was george washingtons military tiltle during the Revolutionary War?

fairly sure he was a general during the revolution

What economic problems troubled the nation at the beginning of Washingtons presidency?

The national debt due to the revolutionary war

How many stars in the Revolutionary War?

In the American Revolutionary War the American flag had 13 stars representing the 13 colonies.

During what war did the ''Stars and Stripes'' become the nation's flag?

the thirteen starred flag was adopted during the revolutionary war.

Did she make the American flag after or before the war?

According to facts it was before the Revolutionary war.

What is star spangled banner about?

It is about after the Revolutionary War, America's flag was still there.

What revolution did the Americans raise a home-made flag?

Revolutionary War

What was Besty Ross'es job in the Revolutionary War?

Betsy Ross was to sew the flag.

What was George Washingtons tragic mistake in the civil war?

I would have to say it was being dead. George Washington was involved in the War for Independendence also known as the Revolutionary War, he was not alive during the Civil War.