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Q: Who was a German painter as well as a master of woodcuts?
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What was Albrecht Durer's style?

Before Alretch Durer learned his father's trade at age 15. Later, he trained as a well known painter and printmaker. He was a painter. He was also an important innovator of watercolor painting and of woodcut and engraving. He was an amazing artist Dürer was an important German renaissance painter.

What media did Hans Holbein the Younger use He was a German artist his father was Hans Holbein the Elder?

He was mainly an oil painter, of course he made drawings as well.

Who painted the old well?

a painter.

How old was Albert durer when he died?

Albrecht Durer was a well-educated man and an experienced painter. Albrecht was a great artist in all areas of art.Albrecht Durer was born in 1471 and died in 1528. He was 57 years old. Albrecht was born in Nuremburg, Germany. Albrecht's father was a goldsmith. The German painter (Durer) was under great tension. He had a nervous breakdown in 1519. Albrecht had a fertile imagination and was considered a Renaissance man. Albrecht spent years in northern Italy. He experimented with new technology. He became a Protestant.Albrecht was a painter, draughtsman, goldsmith, musician and a writer. He did 200 woodcuts and 100 line engravings. Albrecht was a designer and studied anatomy, mathematics, proportions, perspective and he completed a manual of geometry. He also designed the first flying machine.

Which painter from 1914 had the initials e c w?

No well-known painter had those initials.

Why is Raymond Ching noted as a painter?

He was a good bird painter

What famous artist was a passenger on the Lusitania?

On the last voyage of the Lusitania, when she was sunk by a German torpedo there were quite a few well-known people on board. None of the ones listed was a famous painter or sculptor.

Who is the landscape and portrait painter well known for 'the Blue Boy'?

The British painter Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788).

Is there an artist named J Holland?

Yes. J. Holland is a British painter [See ART NET link below]. There is also a well known "old master" named James Holland (1799-1870).

Who was the most well known painter?

Van Gogh

Which Dutch painter died in 1640?

No well-known Dutch painter died that year. Maybe you are thinking of Rubens. He was Flemish, though.

What did picasso do for a living?

picasso was a painter and a well known artist