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Nobody knows. In fact, no one knows if there even has been a gay president.

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Q: Who was the first gay president?
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Who is an openly gay president?

There has not been an openly gay president for the United States of America. President Obama is the first president to openly support gay rights, but he is not gay himself.

Which us President had the first gay vice President?

There has never been an openly gay vice president.

Who was the first president to become gay?

No president has ever become gay, because it is impossible to become gay. Sexual orientation is something you're born with.

Who was the first openly gay president?

As of 2014, there has never been an openly gay president, but Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir of Iceland is the world's first openly gay prime minister.

What did Bill Clinton contribute to history?

he was our first gay president

Did any other president allow gay marriage?

The president does not have the power to either allow or forbid gay marriage. However, Obama is the first President to say that he is in favor of allowing it.

Who represents Ireland today?

Mary McAleese is the current president. Right now they are holding elections, and may be the first country to elect a gay president (Open Gay President) in 2011 Elections. (:

What president declared gay rights legal?

No president legalized homosexuality. States gradually changed their laws against homosexual practices sometimes due to federal court decisions.

Can a gay person become the president of the US of a America?

There is no legal reason why a gay can not be president.

Why is your president gay?

Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the Prime Minister of Iceland is the first openly gay head of government in modern times.

Is John Mccain the president?


Was warren g Harding gay?

Actually quite the opposite - he was know to have two affairs with women and might have been the first president to pay hush many to a mistress, he paid the money, but not sure if he was the first president to do so