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Valmont Industries Inc. and Nucor Corporation are major steel companies.

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Andrew Carnegie.

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Q: Who was the industrial leader in production of steel?
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After 1870 the measure of a nation's industrial progress was determined by what?

the production of steel

What is the industrial in Massachusetts?

It is the U.S leader in shoe making and textile production .

Who was te leader of the steel industry during the industrial revolution?

Andrew Carnegie

What city during the Industrial Revolution became the epicenter for production of steel?

Britain, England

What is The single most important industry during the industrial revolution?

coal mining and iron and steel production.

What was one positive effect of the Soviet Unions central planning?

The leader Joseph Stalin imposed strict 5 year plans to boost industrial and agricultural production.

What best describes the role of steel in Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution?

the mass production of steel reduced its price and led to its use in many industries

When did the second Industrial Revolution in the US happen?

The second Industrial Revolution began in the 1860s and lasted until the beginning of World War I. The 1860s was when Bessemer steel was introduced as well as production lines and mass production. This new industrial revolution was fueled by new inventions, such as the telephone.

Which industries can production supervisor jobs be commonly found in?

The industries that commonly have production supervisor jobs are mainly manufacturing industries. Some of the examples are Industrial Steel Fabrication/Welding and Technicians.

What was the Production Budget for Steel?

The Production Budget for Steel was $16,000,000.

Why is Henry Bessemer famous?

Henry Bessemer developed an inexpensive way of making steel from iron. Henry Bessemer is famous for enormous industrial importance because he lowered the cost of production steel.

What was the significance of the Bessemer process in early industrial society?

In the mid 1800s this method of steel production dropped the cost of high quality steel by more than 75% This further fueled the industrial revolution. This basic process was discontinued for large scale production in the late 1960s in North America and may still be in use in other parts of the world.