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Haha I don't know, but I'm taking the same online test you did and I wish someone had answered you!

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Q: Who was the most brilliant American political theorist of the post-Revolutionary period?
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The most brilliant American political theorist of the post-revolutionary period was?

James madison

When was David Miller - political theorist - born?

David Miller - political theorist - was born in 1946.

When was Alan Woods - political theorist - born?

Alan Woods - political theorist - was born in 1944.

When was John Dunn - political theorist - born?

John Dunn - political theorist - was born in 1940.

What is Dante's occupation?

Dante is a/an Statesman, poet, language theorist, political theorist

What did john adams do after his presidency?

He was a lawyer, diplomat, statesman, political theorist, and, as a Founding Father, a leader of the movement for American independence from Great Britain

What was paines view on human nature?

Thomas Paine (1737 - 1809) was an English-American political activist, author, political theorist and revolutionary that helped contribute to the Age of Reason and the the American Revolutionary War. He viewed that human nature was basically good and that all people were equal.

What profession did lauras ingalls daughter have?

Rose was many things. She was a journalist, travel writer, novelist, and political theorist. She was also one of the founding mothers of the American libertarian movement

Political theorist who championed autocratic ideas in the 17th century?

Thomas Hobbes

What is Rose Wilder Lane's occupation?

Rose Wilder Lane is a/an Writer, political theorist

Was Cicero a emperor?

No, but he was a Romanphilosopher, statesman, lawyer, orator, political theorist, Roman consul and constitutionalist

Which us president was also a political theorist?

Woodrow Wilson was a college professor with a doctorate in political science and had earned some considerable distinction in his field.