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rochambeau was a general and de grasse was an admiral

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Q: Who were General Jean Rochambeau and Admiral de Grasse?
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What battle was general jean rochambeau in?

The American Revolutionary War .

What people did France send to colonies?

In 1778, France sent Jean-Baptiste Donatein de-Vimer, cone de Rochambeau, better known as Rochambeau along with 7,000 French troops; Chateau de Ravel, better known as Count Charles Hector, Comte d'Estaing, along with 12 ships and 14 frigates; Admiral Francois Joseph Paul de Grasse also known as Comte de Grasse, and Vice Admiral Louis Guillovet, Comte d'oOvilliers> When the Vice Admiral came to America, he joined forces Admiral Charles Hector. It was their strategy to blockade any ships headed for British General Cornwallis that led to the generals surrender. Also there, was Marquis de Lafayette. He and some others came on their own in 1777. In total, France sent 9 infantry regiments and a Dragoon (a volunteer fighting force).

Who was the french commander who defeated Cornwallis?

I believe you are looking for Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Ponton de Rochambeau

Who fought off a British fleet trying to rescue General Cornwallis?

French General Jean Baptiste Rochambeau Pennsylvania and Marylander to Virginia and surrounded Cornwallis.

When did Jean Stelli die?

Jean Stelli died on February 2, 1975, in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

When did Jean Taris die?

Jean Taris died on January 10, 1977, in Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes, France.

What actors and actresses appeared in Yorktown - 1924?

The cast of Yorktown - 1924 includes: Lionel Chalmers as Count Francis de Grasse Allen Connor as American Private Soldier Charles Esdale as Lord Cornwallis Sidney Mather as Jean Baptiste Rochambeau George Nash as George Washington Lyndall Olmstead as Martha Washington

Who was the French leader of the siege of Savannah?

Jean Baptiste Charles Henri Hector, comte d'Estaing was the French general/admiral that was at the siege of Savannah.

Who was the French military officer with Washington in American revolution?

the Marquis de Lafayette, Marie Jean Paul Joseph Roche Yves Gilbert du Motier also know as Gilbert du Motier. 1757 - 1834 He played a pivotal role in securing French support for the US against the British monarchy and after the war, attempted to secure the same type of representational government for his home country of France. IMPROVEMENT The commander of the French Expeditionary Force in America, during the Revolutionary War, was Jean Baptiste De Vimeur, Count of Rochambeau.

What French generals aided the America in the revolution?

Jean-Baptiste Donatien, Comte de Rochambeau. Marquis de Lafayette.

What were the contributions of Marquis de Lafayette Freidrich von Steuben Jean de Rochambeau?

Lafayette served as General George Washington's Chief of Staff, Inspector General and was in direct liaison with King Louis XVI on all matters of French logistical support to the Continental Army. Von Steuben was the Drill Master of the Continental Army. Rochambeau commanded the 10,000 French Regular Army troops, Naval Infantry and Marines that were assigned to North America in support of the Continental Army.

Who was France's general in the Revolutionary War?

(Last names only)(My, spellings might be wrong, but this are the true names of the foreign France volunteers and Generals of the Revolutionary War.) NOTE: I'm only writing down the names i know. VOLUNTEERS: Lafayette, Du Coudray ENGINEER: Du Portail GENERALS: Jean Baptiste, Count Rochambeau Francois, Count de Grasse. Charles, Count de Estaing FRENCH MINISTER: Charles Gravier, Count de Vergennes Answer By: RuNeQuEsTiOn PS: I'm sorry if I'am missing some names.