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Samuel Adams family broken down by sides.

His parents:

Father: Samuel Adams

Born: 6 May 16981698-5-6 at Boston, Suffolk, MABoston, Suffolk, MA

Married: 21 Apr 17131713-4-21 at Boston, Suffolk, MassBoston, Suffolk, Mass

Died: 8 Mar 17481748-3-8 at Boston, Suffolk Co, MABoston, Suffolk Co, MA

His mother: Mary Fifield

Born: 7 May 1694 at Boston, Suffolk, MA

Died: 8 Mar 1748

On grandparents on father's side

Grandfather: John AdamsMale

Born: 12 Nov 1656 at Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts1656-11-12Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Married: Died: 27 Nov 1656 at Braintree, Suffolk, MA1656-11-27Braintree, Suffolk, MA

Grandmother: Hannah Webb - couldn't find details about her.

He remarried a woman named Hannah Checkley - couldn't find details about her either

His grandparents on mother's side of the family (Mary Fifield's parents)

Grandfather: Richard Fifield

Born: Abt 16681668-1-1 at Purchase St., Boston, Mass.Purchase St., Boston, Mass.

Married: ?

Died: ?

Grandmother: Mary ?

Born: Abt 1672 at Purchase St., Boston, Mass.

Died: ?

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Alexander Adams and Mary Coffin

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Q: Who were Samuel Adams' grandparents?
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