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they were the Loyalists. the Patriots wore blue at the time

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Q: Who were the redcoats or also called lobsterbacks?
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Colonist refer to the British soldiers as what?

"Redcoats" or by the rebels they were called "lobsterbacks." also 'bloodybacks'

American nickname for the British troops because of the color of their uniforms?

They were called Redcoats or Lobsterbacks.

Is there a difference between redcoats and lobsterbacks?

Nope. These were two names for the British army. One was to refer to them (redcoats), the other was sort of a taunting nickname (lobsterbacks).

Why did the Americans call the British Lobsterbacks?

i believe they called them lobsterbacks mainly because of the red coats that they wore.

What was another name for british soldiers other than redcoats?


Name for british loyalists during the revolutionary war?

Redcoats or Lobsterbacks

What is the nickname for British soldiers?

another name for the british are lobsterbacks and redcoats

What were American soldiers called during the American Revolution?

American soldiers were typically referred to as Colonials or Patriots during the Revolution.

What were the German troops called in the Revolutionary War?

The British were call redcoats, lobsterbacks, regulars and bloodybacks

What was the nickname for the redcoats?

British Redcoats can be a name to describe the Butlins' Entertainers, who traditionally wear Red Coats. Butlins is a British holiday camp company, founded by Sir Billy Butlin. Alternatively, it can be a name used to describe a historical British soldier, who also wore red coats. More Information:

What were the British soldiers called by the Americans during the revolutionary war?

Because of their red uniforms, loads of nicknames arose like Redcoats, Lobsterbacks, all kinds of things.

Why did the British hate the colonists?

the redcoats were hated because the king had closed the port of Boston and had been selling redcoats or as there also known as lobsterbacks. also because they had been in war together and they made a promise and the king broke the promise.