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The Germans

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Q: Who won the battle of Yorkton?
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Yorkton's population is 15,038.

When was Yorkton created?

Yorkton was created on 1928-02-01.

What is the area of Yorkton?

The area of Yorkton is 24.57 square kilometers.

What was the outcome of the yorkton battle?

At the end of this revolutionary war battle, the British surrendered and America became an independent nation. general Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington.

When was Yorkton Film Festival created?

Yorkton Film Festival was created in 1950.

What is the population density of Yorkton?

Yorkton's population density is 612.2 people per square kilometer.

When was Yorkton Regional High School created?

Yorkton Regional High School was created in 1967.

What is the airport code for Yorkton Municipal Airport?

The airport code for Yorkton Municipal Airport is YQV.

What is Yorkton Regional High School's motto?

The motto of Yorkton Regional High School is 'A Family of Raiders'.

What are the ratings and certificates for Road to Yorkton - 1987?

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Who won in the battle of Gonzales?

The Texans won this battle. The Texans won this battle.

Who won the battle Shiloh battle?

The Union won the battle