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The Union won with ease

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Q: Who won the battle of little round top?
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Was Joshua Chamberlain from the north or the south?

Joshua Chamberlain was from the North (Union), He left a professorship at Bowdoin College, Maine, eventually taking command of the 20th Maine. During the Battle of Gettysburg, his counterattack on Little Round Top won for him the Medal of Honor

What was the last battle of the civil war and who won the battle?

it was in 2021 and chuck Norris killed everyone with a round house kick... jk Micheal Jackson won the battle with a crotch grab. IMPROVEMENT Palmetto Ranch, fought on May 11,1865. The Confederate won the battle.

What were little known events that won Battle of Bennington?

the germans ME

What was one person who affected the outcome of the Civil War?

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin affected the outcome of the civil war by holding control of little round top in the battle of Gettysburg even though he ran out of ammo, he led a charge forcing most of the confederates charging up little round top to surrender to his division. If Chamberlin did surrender, the confederates would have had control of the high ground, and possibly winning the batte of Gettysburg, wich might have won the Confederates the war

Who won the battle of little bighorn?

The Sioux Indians had won the battle with all of their decisive tactics used during it.

What was the importance of little round top?

Little Round Top was a hill occupied by a sizable Union force. An ill fated serious of Confederate assaults on this hill caused an unacceptable number of Rebel casualties. The charge was led by Confederate General George Pickett. It became one of the defining moments within the three day battle at Gettysburg. The assaults were unfounded and contrary to Lee's plans to win at Gettysburg.

Facts about little round top?

The Little Round top was the key position on the extreme left of Union Line, whose defenders, after a hard fight against the attacking Confederate Hood division prevented the Federals of being outflanked during the second day of the battle of Gettysburg.

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i think they would had enjoyed it because when they won a battle they might sing round the fire

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The top 2 teams in their conference that won there decision get a bye

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He won the Battle of Little Bighorn against Custer and his forces.

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