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Political parties are large groups of individuals with common interests or opinions who form into a single coalition in order to elect slates of candidates who favor their viewpoint. They are important because, by banding together in a party, people have greater ability to influence the actions of government and make their voice heard during elections.

Many people who are critical of the concept of political parties cite an increase in partisanship, a term that denotes the tendency of party members to support only their own side of the political aisle rather than thinking about the greater good of the whole nation.

However, for better or for worse, political parties are a feature of virtually every free political system and are widely seen as the inevitable result of democratic governance.

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Q: Why are political parties important?
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Why is it important for some agencies in the federal government to remain independent?

to shield them from the influence of political parties

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What is MOST important to generating political movements and creating political messages?

Political Parties

Was it necessary for the development of political parties?

I think political parties are important, especially because they are the ones developing policies and programs.

Why are minor parties important?

Minor political parties are important because they represent a sect outside of the popular views.

Washington warned that political parties would do what?

He warned that political parties would become more important than the common good of the country. If you think about the political parties today it seems he can be right about that.

How do political parties keep watch over one another?

political parties also play a important role actin as "watchdogs".

Historically what have been the most important roles of minor parties?

The most important roles of minor political parties has been to give the voters and option outside of the 2 major parties. Minor political parties have altered the outcome of some of elections.

Which institution developed outside the limits of the written constitution of the United states?

Political Parties.

Represenatives who share certain important opinions organize themselves into groups called what parties?

political parties

Why are political parties considered an important part of a democractic political system?

they provide a way of organizing and resolving political conflict

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