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to battle against the colonists, because the British troops tried to revolt against them

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Q: Why did British troops march to Concord?
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When did British troops march Lexington and concord?

At dawn on April 19.

What british officer ordered his troops to march to lexington and concord?

General thomas gage

What came first the British marching secretly to Concord or the Battle of Lexington?

The battle of Lexington. Indeed the British troops engaged at Lexington were the same who had to carry on the march to Concord.

How many miles did the British troops march from Lexington to concord?

it took 7 miles for the british troops to march from lexington to concord.

Why were the British troops marching to concord?

A British force marched on concord because they were getting ready in order to prepare for battle, i think.

Why did the British troops march into Lexington and concord?

They were hoping to capture arms and ammunition that the colonists had stashed in Concord and to also arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams

What town did the British troops ride to?

They were marching to Concord.

Where did British troops fired on colonists?

Lexington and Concord

About how many miles did the British troops march from Lexington to Concord?

They came from Boston’s Charlestown by boat and landed to walk to Lexington and Concord. It is about 20 miles from Boston. One of the problems they encountered was their wet boots from the landing and they got blisters. Plus, it was a hot day and they wore red wool uniforms which also caused them problems and they had no water.

The militia stopped the british troops at what bridge?

Concord Bridge

What happened after minutemen and british troops fought in lexington?

Lexington and Concord, Mass were the sites of the battles.

Who chose to march in Lexington and concord?

The British