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Because they felt like it

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Q: Why did France agree to sell the Louisiana territory to the us?
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Why did napoleon sell on the Louisiana territory?

france needed money

Did France sell the Louisiana Territory to the US in 1803?

YES. The sale of the Louisiana Territory was concluded between Napoleon and Jefferson.

Why did France sell the Louisiana Territory to the US?

because it was borde off the peeople there

France's inability to reconquer what territory convinced Napoleon to sell Louisiana?


How much money did they sell the Louisiana territory?

The Louisiana Territory cost 15 million dollars and was sold in 1803 by France to the United States of America.

Which of these came first A Haiti wins its independence from France B the US offers to buy new Orleans from France C Napoleon offers to sell the Louisiana territory to the US?

1. The United States offers to buy New Orleans from France 2. Haiti wins its independence from France 3. Napoleon offers to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States

What would Jefferson have to do if France controlled New Orleans?

Jefferson initiated the Louisiana Purchase from France. The US only wished to acquire the port city of New Orleans, but France offered to sell the entire territory of Louisiana.

What country controlled the Louisiana territory and Florida at the signing of th constitution?

France Not France. During the time period when the United States signed the Constitution, Spain owned the Louisiana Territory. France later gained the territory shortly before President Thomas Jefferson made the decision to buy it.

What did France hope to gain by selling Louisiana?

Napoleon (France) took this opportunity to sell this valuable territory because of his failure to build an Empire in the Western Hemisphere.

Who counseled Napoleon to not sell The Louisiana Purchase?

Napoleon's two brothers wanted Napoleon to hold onto the Louisiana Territory. They believed it was needed for France's future in North America.

When did US bought Louisiana from France?

The Louisiana Purchase in 1803 for $15 million.

Who did France sell Louisiana to?

Thomas Jefferson with the united states. the land was called the Louisiana purchase and consisted of 2 current U.S. states. The land costed Jefferson $15 million! Hope that helped you!