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Of course, they played a pivotal role yet the British lost.


The assumption in the question is false. At the time 'Germany' consisted of over 300 more or less sovereign states. It was, above all, Hessen that helped Britain. Hessen was one of the worst run German states and their unscrupulous ruler hired out his army for cash.

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Q: Why did Germany help the British in the American Revolutionary War?
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Who helped the Americans to won Revolutionary War against the British?

The country that helped America in the American War of Independence is France.

There were 30000 troops the british hired from Germany to help them fight the colonist what were these mercenaries known as swamp fox fighters paul riveres riders hessians or revoluntionaries?

The 30,000 troops that the British hired from Germany to help fight the colonist were known as Hessian mercenaries. They fought in the American Revolutionary War and wore their own German uniforms.

What nation sent troops to help the British fight the Americans during the American Revolutionary War?

Hessian troops did not fight as British Allies but as mercenaries.

Why would most help a reader understand what it was like to be an American revolutionary?

Information about how Americans had been treated by the British

When the Revolutionary war began what was a goal of Benedict Arnold?

to help america win the war, but the british paid him to tell them the american's plans

Did the british pay the Indians to help in the revolutionary war?


Who was on either sides of the Revolutionary War?

On one side of the Revolutionary War were the American colonists, also known as Patriots or Whigs, who were fighting for independence from British rule. On the other side were the British, who were trying to maintain control over their American colonies. They were supported by German mercenaries known as Hessians.

Why did Joseph brant help the british?

During the American Revolutionary War, Joseph Brant worked with the British. He was a Mohawk, and led his tribe in battles against the colonists.

Who did john burgoyne help in the American revolutionary war?

He helped the British conquer Fort Ticonderoga, and at first his plan worked, but then the Rebels surrounded him and he was forced to surrender.

Did Bernadrdo de Galvez help the British in the revolutionary war?


Who did the British hire from Germany to add to this British army?

The British hired mercenaries from Germany to help their army. Hope this helps: :)

Who was the war between in the American Revolution?

The American Revolution was against the colonial rule of Great Britain. The American colonies revolted and declared their independence. The British government sent troops to put down the rebellion and the Revolutionary War ensued. The British also hired some Hessian mercenary soldiers to help them fight.