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To help control large areas of land and people (after the Dark Ages).

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Q: Why did King William introduce the feudal system?
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When did William introduce thew Feudal System?

It started when he became king in 1066. The feudal system was with the king at the top then the barons then came the knights then the peasant's.

An example of a king of the feudal system?

King William

Who started the middle ages feudal system?

king William

The Feudal System was introduced into England by?

King William the conqueror

Why was William the Conqueror a successful king?

He was a successful king because he conquered England and invented a feudal system

How did the feudal system make it easier for king william to control the english?

because the land was dived to the barons

What did William the Conqueror invent?

William the conqueror or William I is a very well known king he came up with the feudal system and the dooms day bookwhat is the feudal system?is the name of the power structure in the middle agesWhat is the Domesday book?is the list of what property and cattle was owned in the middle ages

Why as William conqueror important?

William the Conqueror was a very important man in the Middle Ages period, mainly for introducing the feudal system when he became King of The Roman Empire.

Who is at the top of the feudal pyramid?

The King or as he was known in Ancient Egypt the Pharaoh

How did the feudal system help to produce order in society and amongest the people in the middle ages?

Because it meant the king knew who owned what in his country, ie King William Duke of Normandy

Was the king at the top of the feudal system?

Yes but it was said that God was the top and then the king.

What helped end the feudal system?

the black death and king john helped end the feudal system