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Answer this question… He wanted to reduce federal income tax rates.

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Q: Why did President Coolidge support the Revenue Act of 1924?
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When did Calvin Coolidge run for president?


How old was Calvin Coolidge when he was elected president?

Coolidge was 51 years old in August of 1923 when he became President due to the death of Harding. Coolidge was born on July 4,1872,

When was Calvin Coolidge re-elected?

President Coolidge was reelected in 1924The 30th President of the United States was Calvin Coolidge. President Coolidge was in office from August 2, 1923 to March 4, 1929. In 1923 Coolidge the Vice President at the time succeeded President Warren G. Harding who died in office. Coolidge finished the term from 1923 to 1925. President Coolidge was reelected in 1924 and served his second term from 1925 to 1929.

Did Calvin Coolidge win reelection in 1924.?

Yes, he had just completed the term of Warren G. Harding (who died in office in 1923), but in 1924, Coolidge won a full term as president. What was interesting about the 1924 campaign was it was the first to be partially conducted by radio, which was still a new and growing mass medium. A number of candidates (Coolidge among them) spoke over the airwaves, reaching millions of potential voters.

Did Davis become president in 1924?

No. The U.S. President reelected that year was Calvin Coolidge.

What was happening in the world while Calvin Coolidge was president?

The Immigration Act of 1924.

Why did president Coolidge only serve for 6 years?

Vice-President Coolidge ascended to the presidency in 1923 after the death of President Warren G. Harding. He was then elected to a full term in 1924.

Who had a son to die while he was president in 1924?

Calvin Coolidge Jr. age 16, son of the President died in 1924 from an infection thatstarted from a blister on his foot.

What things were happening in the world while Calvin Coolidge was president?

immigration act of 1924

What year was Calvin collidge elected president?

Coolidge became president after the death of Harding in 1923, he was elected in 1924.

What office did Henry Ford campaign for?

Henry Ford campaigned for the position of United States President in 1924. His candidacy though, never actually happened, and he threw his support for Calvin Coolidge.

What age was Calvin Coolidge elected and and what were the qualifications?

Calvin Coolidge was 52 when elected President in 1924. He had been U.S. President for over a year, since the death of Pres. Harding in the summer of '23.