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because it would give too much power tho the government

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Q: Why did Robert yates oppose the U.S. constitution?
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What issue caused many to initially oppose the ratification of the us constitution?

Absence of bill of rights

Why did elizabeth cady Stanton oppose the 15th amendment to the US constitution?

well maybe so theU.S constitution will make a law so women can vote

Do you favor or oppose an amendment to the US Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage in all states?

I would oppose such an amendment as a violation of states' rights as well as the civil rights of Americans.

Why did the anti-federalist oppose the constitution?

The anti-federalists objected the constitution because they thought it made the central government too strong and feared that the US would become a monarchy.

This series of articles was written in 1787 urging Americans to oppose the ratification of the proposed US Constitution?

anti-federalists wrote the articles in 1787

This series of articles was written in 1787 urging Americans to oppose the ratification of the proposed US Constitution.?

anti-federalists wrote the articles in 1787

Why do Muslim oppose US culture?

we do not oppose US culture we just brought our traditions into America.

What did two delegates from New York do when they didn't like the way things were going at the convention?

They took a hike. John Lansing and Robert Yates walked out of the Constitutional Convention leaving Alexander Hamilton with a voice on the floor but no vote on the acceptance or rejection of the new US Constitution. (Because of the Convention rules two delegates were required to vote Yay or Nay on the product or the State had no vote. Lansing and Yates had nullified New York's vote by their absence,) Hamilton signed the Constitution but in effect, New York had an equal voting block with Rhode Island which did not even attend. For the sake of America Hamilton's voice was heard but he had no vote on the Conventions efforts.

What groups of Americans tend to oppose US participation in war?

Generally speaking, the Left-wing in the US tends to oppose participation in wars.

Why would anarchists oppose the US government?

they would oppose the US government because they believe in abolishing the government. In other words, they do not want a government.

In what ways is the Iroquois constitution different to the US Constitution?

Compare & Contrast:Iroquois Constitution & U.S. Constitution

Which country did the US oppose in the War of 1812?