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Because they were using 1000IQ

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Q: Why did Washington army's attack sleeping soldiers in Trenton?
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Why did Washington decide to attack Trenton on Christmas day?

They found the German troops sleeping after the day celebrating Christmas.

What day did Washington and the continental army attack the British and German soldiers at Trenton?

Christmas Eve. 1777

How did Washington turn retreat into victory in New Jersey?

Washington decided on a bold move: a surprise attack on Trenton. The soldiers went throughout many obstacles to get to where they needed to go. Early December 26, the Americans surprised the hessian troops guarding Trenton.

Why did George Washington attack Trenton New Jersey and what was the result of the attack?

The result of George Washington attacking Trenton,New Jersey was it led to war between Britian and the Colonist!!

Who led the surprise attack at the battle of Trenton?

George Washington

Where was George Washington before the attack on Trenton?

At Taco Bell

How did patriots achieve their victories at Trenton and Princeton?

The patriots achieved their victories at Trenton and Princeton with surprise. George Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack the Hessian garrison at Trenton. The Hessians were unprepared for the attack and were routed. When British General Cornwallis attacked with his army, in order to trap the Continental Army, Washington lit fake campfires in order to trick the British into thinking that his men were still in Trenton. Then, Washington secretly led his army north to attack Princeton, which Cornwallis had weakened in order to attack Washington's army at Trenton.

Victory at Trenton?

George Washington had planned an attack against the british

What factors led to Washington success in the attack on Trenton?

because he was awesome

What was the result of the American attack on Trenton?

British General Charles Cornwallis set out once to retake Trenton and to capture Washington.

What is the river that Washington crossed in his retreat to Pennsylvania and his attack on Trenton?

Delaware River

Where did George Washington attack on Christmas Eve 1776?

Trenton , New Jersey