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Q: Why were the british surprised by Washington's attack on their camp at Trenton?
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What was george washingtons plan of attack for the battle of Trenton?

George Washington's plan of attack for the Battle of Trenton was to engulf Rall's forces. He was going to do it with two columns of 2,4000 men.

Washingtons attack across the Delaware in December 1776 ended in a victory against?

hassian troops at Trenton

Victory at Trenton?

George Washington had planned an attack against the british

What was the result of the American attack on Trenton?

British General Charles Cornwallis set out once to retake Trenton and to capture Washington.

How the Americas win the battle of Trenton?

They win because they hired Nathan Hale to spy on the British in Trenton to figure out what the British plan is. Then, Christmas night, they surprise attack them.

Why are the hessians involved in the battle of Trenton?

They were working for the British and Washington attacked their positions in Trenton on Christmas Eve while they were not expecting an attack.

Who got attacked first in the battle of Trenton?

On December 26th, Washington's Army crossed the Delaware and surprised the British at Trenton. The main attack was made by 2,400 troops under Washington on the Hessian Garrison. Washington's troops acheived total surprise and defeated the British forces. The American victory was the first of the war, and helped to restore American morale. HOPE THIS HELPS.

How did patriots achieve their victories at Trenton and Princeton?

The patriots achieved their victories at Trenton and Princeton with surprise. George Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack the Hessian garrison at Trenton. The Hessians were unprepared for the attack and were routed. When British General Cornwallis attacked with his army, in order to trap the Continental Army, Washington lit fake campfires in order to trick the British into thinking that his men were still in Trenton. Then, Washington secretly led his army north to attack Princeton, which Cornwallis had weakened in order to attack Washington's army at Trenton.

Body of water crosssed by George Washington and his troops to attack the british at Trenton?

Delaware river

What day did Washington and the continental army attack the British and German soldiers at Trenton?

Christmas Eve. 1777

A surprise attack on Christmas night won this battle for Washington and the colonist?

The surprise attack on Christmas night 1776 was the first major victory by the colonial army headed y George Washington. The group of troops from Trenton , NJ surprised the Hessian forces who were groggy after the Christmas celebrations.

The final result of the British attack on New York State?

they surrenedered but Howe westberg (a commander) killed goerge washingtons army and therefore surrened towards the British