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because they had a very good plan to defeat the American troops.

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Because British had about 32,000 soldiers but America was vastly outnumbered, untrained recruits with poor equipment.

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Q: Why did british win the battle of new york?
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Who won the battle of bunker hil?

well The British did win the battle but lost many more mens than the colonists so on casoulties the colonists won but the british won the battle

What battle did America win to win the the Revolutionary war by winning what battle?

Yorktown in 1781 With the surrender at Yorktown, King George lost control of Parliament to the peace party, and there were no further major military activities in North America. The British had 30,000 garrison troops occupying New York City, Charleston, and Savannah. The war continued elsewhere, including the siege of Gibraltar and naval operations in the East and West Indies, until peace was agreed in 1783 [the Treaty of Paris].

Was the battle of Trenton a turning point?

For the Americans yes, it was the first war that they won in the American revolution. If they did not win this battle the war would have probably been won by the British. After winning this battle, they got many supplies from the Hessians. About 2 or 3 weeks after this they won another battle,, the battle of Princeton.

What was the importance of the Battle of Long Island?

The defeat at Long Island forced the Americans into New Jersey, but they managed to escape with enough material to continue the war.

Who was with George Washington when he crossed the delware?

George Washington crossed the Delaware river and attacked the British at Trenton NJ, in order to have a victory and to show that he was still a fighting general, who could win a battle, and eventually win a revolution.

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Did the British win the Battle of Cowpens?

The British did not win.

Did the british win the battle of york?

Because British had about 32,000 soldiers but America was vastly outnumbered, untrained recruits with poor equipment.

What was Trenton's plan to win the battle?

they had to win this battle to scare the british a little.

Did the British want New France in the Battle on the Plains of Abraham?

yes they did win

What is Sarah toga?

Saratoga, New York is where The Battle of Saratoga took place. It was the turning point in the Revolutionary War, it was when the British realized that the Americans might defeat them, and the Americas realized they might win.

Did America win The Battle of Harlem Heights in New York in 1776?

It was a rare Continental victory.

What major battle did the Americans under Andrew Jackson win?

He defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans. It was a decisive victory and made him a national hero.

Why did the british want New Orleans in the battle of New Orleans?

to see who woud win nd own te land

Did the British win or the Americans win at the battle of Yorktown?

The Americans

What was the battle of philadephia?

This battle was actually called the Battle of Brandywine, and it was a British win.

Did The British win the battle of Britain?

Yes, they did.

Which battle did the American colonist win against the british?

The battle of Saratoga.