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the people ( which was colonist) needed to vote and they did.the voting came before the writting of the declaration of independence.

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Q: Why did congress wait before voting on independence?
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Why did susan b Anthony want women sufferage?

The same reason that she wanted to eat. She's a person, who thinks and has ideas, and why shouldn't she, therefore, be entitled to ignore the voting booth -- wait that's not right -- to vote, as the men were permitted to do?

Does a law become a law if the president passes the bill?

Answered by Reid Breitman. This is for information only and you should consult a lawyer before relying on anything on the internet. The president does not pass a bill. That is the domain of the legislature. A bill is drafted and proposed by the legislature, and then they vote on it. If the legislature passes the bill, it is then sent to the President, who can either sign the bill, thus allowing it to become a law, or he or she can veto the bill, thus killing it and sending it back to the legislature. But the legislature can then override the veto by voting again and passing the law by a 2/3rds vote.

Why must former government officials wait before lobbyist?

Former Government officials must wait for certain period of time before they can become lobbyist.The delay is meant to stop them from using friendships and inside knowledge to help special-interest groups. sources: my civics textbook ;) hope this helps

A son of a duke must wait for his father to do what before receiving that family name?

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Why did some Americans support the annexing the Philippines?

It had used the taxpayers pocket book for the required money to make the purchase. They wanted their money back. Sure they want independence but lets wait a while, maybe with time a leader will emerge from the rabble to take charge of what may someday become a real nation.

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