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they wanted to separate juveniles from adult offenders......

I feel that that answer is not entirely true the way it's worded. An Adult offender (defendant), has a Childrens Services of abuse, neglect etc.. decided in Juvenile Court before a Judge or Magistrate. For example a Jr6 hearing or disposition hearing.

It is not only Juvenile offenders (ex: truancy, criminal activity under a 18 dependant on the crime and 17 dependant on the state) who are the defendents. therfore they are not seperating Juvenile from Adult offenders. I would like to hear more on this if any one will add with more knowledge

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Q: Why did states create juvenile courts?
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How old are the individuals in juvenile courts?

The individuals in juvenile courts are under the age of 18 in the United States and most other countries. Sentences are usually less severe than in regular adult courts.

Juvenile courts are courts of which type of jurisdiction?

Juvenile courts are courts of original and special (or limited) jurisdiction.

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(in the US) No. No traffic courts or juvenile courts exist at the federal level.

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Youth courts are called juvenile courts. And these are called juvenile cases. They are difrent in the sentece, they get a linenient trial and punishment.

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The primary goal of juvenile courts is rehabilitation. Juvenile courts deal with young adults and children under the age of 21. Judges will use a wider range of options to treat youthful offenders.

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