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A basic strategy of the US Constitution is the creation of 3 independent branches of government, which are the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Each branch has some power to correct abuses committed by the other two branches, therefore it is hoped that this system will protect the public from government corruption.

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They wanted all us to have fairness and equal justice, no matter what race.

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Q: Why did the Founding Fathers believe in an independent judiciary?
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Why did the founding Fathers believe in independent judiciary?

They wanted all us to have fairness and equal justice, no matter what race.

Why did the Founding Fathers believe in an indepedent judiciary?

So the judges would be more likely to objectively assess their cases, since they would not have conflicting interests. To ensure equality and fairness for citizens of US

Why did the founding fathers believe it was not necessary to address individual rights issues specifically in the Constitution?

The Founding Fathers said a very great deal about individual rights.

Why would you say thanks to the founding fathers?

we the people of the united states would like to say thank you to our founding fathers because they have helped our country grow and beging. Our founding fathers were the leaders of america wrote the billl of rights and the constituion that begins just like the first sentence; we the people of the united states of america . our founding fathers made our government the first to believe in ''we.'' to finish it off we should say thank you to our founding fathers because they made our country possible and fought for it through 8 years and achieved it.

Did the founding fathers believe English should be the national language?

The Founding Fathers all spoke English so it's reasonable to think that they assumed this would be the dominant language. Otherwise, they'd all have had to learn another language.

What is the significance of the cane of kappa alpha psi?

Our founding fathers believe in Jesus Christ and the cane represents the 'J' in Jesus.

Why did many of the founding fathers believe they needed to be changed or replaced?

Because they were not powerful enough they wanted power for the government not the states

To what extend should you honor the wishes of the Founding Fathers?

I believe the Founders of this great nation said it best - "Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor."

What is an independent judicary?

I myself believe that an Independent Judiciary means that judges and courts separate from from other branches of government (Executive,Legislative) and may not be controlled by any politician and excersizes independent judgement.However, this may be incorrect please correct me if this is the case

What was Thomas Jefferson's religion?

Some believe he was a Christian and others believe he a deist. See related link "Our Founding Fathers were not Christians" on left.

Which Mormon prophet saw the founding fathers in a vision?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that the founding fathers of America appeared to the prophet Wilford Woodruff in a vision and requested that they be baptized posthumously into the Church. Check out the "Related Links" below to see an artists depiction of these event. ------------------------------------ Another Answer: None of them. Dead people do not appear to the living, and a large majority of the founding fathers were already dead by the time the mormon church was founded.

Did the founding fathers believe that Christian piety and morality was superior to Muslim or Jewish or Hindu piety and morality?

Actually most if NOT ALL of the Founding Fathers WERE NOT Christians. This is a myth that is being spread by the Christian Right in their effort to REWRITE HISTORY. The founding fathers were Deist. That is they believed in "A GOD", but not the Christian God. Rather they felt that a sort of Natural God created all this and then left us in charge of it. Some of them didn't even believe Jesus was the Son of God! Hard to believe, but true. Most of these people were influenced by the AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT that started in Europe. This thinking relied more on science, logic, and reasonable thought. Thomas Paine didn't believe in his book "AGE OF REASON". --Lucifer ];-)