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As Charles Cotesworth Pinckney put it, South Carolina and Georgia couldn't do without slaves. Slavery was a big part of the economy, for one thing, and, also, people weren't ready to give up slavery. People have to come around to ideas like that - because believing that blacks were on par with humans was a big, new Idea. Society hadn't matured enough for that. And outlawing slavery would cause such an uproar that the Constitution would never get ratified.

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There was much discussion about abolishing slavery in the initial Constitutional Convention. However, the Southern States did not want to lose the economic power of slavery, so it was not included in the in the final draft. It took several more decades for it to end.

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The "Slave States" were accepted into the union as "Slave States" which defined those slaves from that point forward, in law, as property. The civil war was a constitutional deprivation of property, in that the Union divested the Confederacy of property without just compensation (as required by the constitution). It must also be noted that the income of the "Slave States" was incredibly higher than the non-slave states, and the US Government needed the money; so there was a financial incentive and a lot of power behind the decision (outlined below).

Thomas Jefferson included a denouncement of slavery in the Declaration of Independence, but it was removed by the Continental Congress. In 1776 the Virginia Assembly appointed Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe and Edmund Pendleton to emancipate slaves; the best they could do is outlaw the further import of slaves (1778) because of pressures by the wealthy. In 1779 Jefferson proposed deporting the slaves back to Africa, the proposal was ignored. In 1784 Jefferson introduces a bill to abolish slavery in the US and its territories, it was defeated by Congress. Jefferson introduces a bill to forbid new states joining the union as "slave states" it is the first law passed by the newly formed US Congress; the Freedom Ordinance of 1787. In 1787 the U.S. Constitution is approved by all states, it includes a moratorium against passing any "slave law" for 20 years.

Please note: This answer does not support 'slavery' it simply explains the lawful aspect of the actions taken at the time.

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Because there was no great Abolitionist lobby at the time it was written.

'Men are born equal' meant white men. The reference to 'property' clearly included slave property.

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Q: Why did the constitution fail to outlaw slavery?
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Which state was the first to outlaw slavery?

Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery in its constitution in 1777.

How did the Constitution attempt to regulate slavery and what did it fail to do?

The Constitution's framers were uncomfortable with the practice of slavery. The word slavery or slaves doe not appear anywhere in the Constitution.

What men proposed amendments to the constitution that would outlaw the abolition of slavery?

John Crittenden

What provision of slavery appeared in the US Constitution?

The United States Constitution contains a specific provision that says that the federal government could not outlaw slavery until at least the year 1808.

Did the constitution outlawed slavery?

The U.S. Constitution did not initially outlaw slavery, as it permitted the practice in certain provisions such as the Three-Fifths Compromise and the Fugitive Slave Clause. It was not until the 13th Amendment was ratified in 1865 that slavery was officially abolished in the United States.

What colony was the first to not allow slavery?

Vermont was the first colony to prohibit slavery in its 1777 constitution, becoming the first territory in North America to abolish slavery.

Did Lafayette help outlaw slavery?

lafayette helped to outlaw slavery by being a spy

Who proposed amendments to the constitution that would outlaw the abolition of slavery?

The two men who proposed amendments to the constitution that would outlaw abolition were representative Thomas Corwin and Senator John Crittenden. Thomas Corwin was from Ohio and John Crittenden was from Kentucky.

The Founding Fathers failed to eliminate slavery because?

They didn't fail; it wasn't a problem at the time. Slavery had been such a common practice around the world for so long. Egyptians enslaved Jews centuries ago. Europeans enslaved Native Americans when they first arrived, and when Africans were enslaved in the states, even the African rulers supported this trading.

When did the US outlaw slavery?


What was thomas Jefforsons Religion?

He claimed that he based a lot of the ideas in the constitution on the Bible, but he didn't ever publicly proclaim his religion that I know of. Jefferson reportedly did outlaw slavery in the first draft of the constitution, but some people refused to sign it until he changed the slavery part.

What state or colony was the first to outlaw the importation of blacks for slavery?

Pennsylvania was the first state to outlaw the importation of blacks for slavery in 1682.