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After the Revolutionary War, it was fairly obvious that the Articles of Confederation were not working. A convention was put together to create a central government that would treat each of the states equally.

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The country had previously been held together loosely with the articles of confederation. These pretty much allowed all the states to do what they wanted. It eventually became apparent that this loosely tied country would fall if a stronger power were to be put in place. Still fearing the oppressive grasp of an absolute rule from a monarchy or similar governing force, they formed a 3 branch national government, so it had all the power it needed, but it couldn't oppress the masses.

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The Articles of Confederation were simply an established "friendship" between States. As long as the "friendship" was still intact the States could maintain their nation, but ultimately provided for a weak nation should any problems occur.

The Articles of Confederation also left the Central government extremely weak compared to the State governments. The central gov't would try to regulate and make laws but they had no way/means of enforcing them upon the States. Basically the national government didn't have enough power.

(You could say in lamest terms that the States were squabbling children who didn't listen to their parents.)

Therefore the Framers of the Constitution (at the Philedalphia Convention) sought to unite the States AND create a government the States could all agree with and abide. Their goal was to balance the power of the State and National government so that the national government could enforce the law but not become too big or unlimited that the States didn't have any input.

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To regulate Interstate Commerace. The Colonies had high taxes on interstate trade to were many items weren't worth trading for or would have high prices to get.

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they were worried about the government to have to much power

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Q: Why did the founders believe a national government was necessary?
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