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the water was dead calm. it was a flat sea which was unusual for that time of year. the waves hitting the sides of icebergs made certain sounds and they used this to gauge the distance of the icebergs from the boat.

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Q: Why did the lookouts and ships officers not see the iceberg?
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Who was the look-out on the Titanic?

Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee were the lookouts on the RMS Titanic when the ship struck the iceberg. There were others, whose names I do not know. The lookouts were not given any binoculars, (because the ships officers did not have any binoculars to give to the lookouts), so the lookouts had to rely on their eyesight alone to spot icebergs. The ship hit the berg at night and should have had a searchlight to help them see into the darkness. The lookouts did their best, but, without binoculars, no moon, no searchlight, a calm sea and no waves hitting the iceberg to make it easier to see, they were unable to see the iceberg in time to avoid a collision.

How far until you can see an iceberg?

The lookouts on Titanic spotted the iceberg with less than forty seconds to impact.

Why are the lookouts to blame for the titanic?

The lookouts are to blame for the disaster because they didn't see the iceberg.

Did anybody see the iceberg on the Titanic?

One or both of the lookouts saw the iceberg before collision, and the pilot tried to steer away, but the forward speed of the Titanic took it into the iceberg anyway, smashing in the hull on the starboard (right) side near the bow.

Why did the lookout not see the iceberg coming?

There have been entire chapters and perhaps entire books written about Titanic's lookouts and the iceberg. Author Tim Maltin had proposed a "refraction" theory with devastating success. One of the many reasons, however, is that when water is rough, as it usually is, water sloshes against the base of an iceberg, making it visible. However, on the night of the sinking there were no waves and nothing to see (and no moonlight with which to see them).

What man on the titanic saw the iceberg?

The lookouts, Mr. Frederick Fleet and Mr. Reginald Lee, spotted the iceberg first, about 37 seconds before it was hit. As the berg passed by and during the collision, many passengers on deck would have been able to see it as well.

Why didn't officers appreciate the calm night when the Titanic sank?

They coudn't see or hear the waves crashing on the iceberg .

Who warned iceberg right ahead on the Titanic?

Fredrick Fleet is the first person to see the iceberg captin smith captin smith I thought it was the watch people

Why did the ship hit the iceberg?

Going to fast, ignoring the warnings of icebergs from other ships, not enough lookouts, on a dark night icebergs are difficult to see, you only see the water splashing at its waterline until you get very close.

What time was iceberg sighted?

If you mean the Titanic - see related question.

Why is a collision with an iceberg unlikely to occur today?

Today ships have radars that see through night and fog, making it possible to avoid ice bergs.

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