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Just as Catholics are Catholics because they are taught to be that way since birth, or Muslims are Muslims because they are taught from birth to believe certain things.

Chinese are taught from an early age to hate Japan and Japanese people. This stems from history, but it is also cultural. Chinese use terms like "little Japan" or "Japanese devils". Racism is not illegal or even criticised in China. It is actually perpetuated by the media, teachers, parents, and even text books.

Nothing you can say can change someone who is basically brainwashed to believe a certain thing as a child, unless concrete evidence is presented and even then emotions will run counter to logic and fact.

The reason for this hatred stems back to Hirohito's time. During his reign and conquest to take over the world, the Japanese army invaded China and basically pillaged the country. Many war crimes were committed, the worst being the Nanjing Massacre, where it is estimated that approximately 250000 people were raped and/or killed by the soldiers. Today, several Japanese politicians have started a movement about denying the massacre.

Note that this mainly applies to mainland China. Taiwanese Chinese and Singapore Chinese tend not to hate the Japanese.

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Q: Why do Chinese people hate the Japanese people?
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