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They provide an early peek into the thinking and potential of a wide variety of Presidential want to be's. Some never get beyond those early races, but they have been given a platform and they have been heard.

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Iowa has a caucus, this is far different than a primary. NH has always had the first primary.

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Q: Why do Iowa and New Hampshire hold the first two primary elections?
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Where are the states primary elections held?

Iowa holds the first caucus and New Hampshire holds the first primary.

Which state holds the first President primary election?

New Hampshire is the first state to hold a primary while Iowa is the first state to hold a caucus. New Hampshire had its primary on January 10, 2012. The Iowa caucus was held on January 3, 2012.

What states usually has the first primary in the presidential election?

New Hampshire. Iowa holds the first election, but it is a Caucus.

Where is the first and most widely publicized caucus today?

The first binding event, in which a candidate can secure convention delegates, is traditionally the Iowa caucus, usually held in late January or early February of the presidential election year.

Why is New Hampshire important in US elections?

The early primary elections, which rank multiple candidates in the same party, tend to 'weed out' those with no chance of winning a presidential election, and allowing the probable peospects to the top of the list. Since New Hampshire has the first primary (Iowa has caucuses - a little different) election leading to a presidential election, it is only the second public measurement of each candidate's presidential potential.

What two states traditionally hold the earliest primary and caucus contests?

The Iowa caucuses come first. Next is the New Hampshire primary, followed by South Carolina.

The first primaries were held in?

In 1910, Oregon became the first state to establish a presidential preference primary, which requires delegates to the National Convention to support the winner of the primary at the convention. By 1912, twelve states either selected delegates in primaries, used a preferential primary, or both. By 1920 there were 20 states with primaries, but some went back, and from 1936 to 1968, 12 states used them.Currently, Iowa holds the first caucus and New Hampshire holds the first primary -- first in the sense as the first in that election campaign.

In which year were the first primaries held 1912 1908 1900 1904?

The first primary was in 1912 in Iowa. The first primary was in 1912 in Iowa.

Primary elections are held in month of?

The state primary elections in the United States are usually held between January and September, with the exact month varying depending on the state. Some states hold their primaries early in the year (e.g., Iowa and New Hampshire in February), while others hold them later in the year (e.g., New York and Massachusetts in September). It is important to note that the presidential primary elections, where candidates are chosen to represent their respective parties in the general election, usually take place between February and June of the election year.

What state has the first republican primary?

It's Iowa

What type of primary can voters choose a candidate from either party?

closed primary

Wich state has more land Iowa or New Hampshire?