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groups exist to assess people

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Q: Why do groups continue to exist?
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Why do small firms continue to exist despite the issue of competition?

why do small firms continue to exist despite competition from large firms

In the future will there ever be robots?

They currently exist, there is no reason to think they won't continue to exist.

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Phosphate groups

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Yes, hate groups still exist in various forms and continue to spread messages of bigotry and discrimination. These groups often target marginalized communities based on factors like race, religion, or sexual orientation, and can promote violence and hatred. Efforts are being made by communities, organizations, and governments to combat and address the harm caused by these hate groups.

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They want to believe that the consciousnesses of their friends and family who have died continue to exist in some way, and they want to believe that their own consciousness will continue when it's their turn to die.

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The word "atropod" doesn't exist.

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social order

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there are alot of different species but there is about the same number of angiospems so there is about 200,000-300,000

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