Why do you need amendments?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The first 10 amendments (more commonly known as The Bill of Rights) were put in place by a forefathers to ensure that Americans retained their rights and freedoms and that the government did not gain too much power. Following this manner, amendments today are made to improve the constitution (such as applying these rights to both genders and all races). Our founding fathers expected such amendments to be made - in fact, they expected the entire constitution to be replaced or otherwise completely remade years before now! Yet not that many amendments are made today due to the difficult manner in which they must be passed.

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Q: Why do you need amendments?
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Does the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments extended the rights of African American?

someone need to answer it!

The is or are located at the end of the Constitution?


Why were the amendments to the US Constitution made?

Changes were needed. The constitution was written 200 years ago and in that time things come up that need to be addressed, so amendments are made.

Why are amendments to the constitution necessary?

There are 27 amendments to the US Constitution. However, only 17 of them qualify as "changes", because the first 10, collectively referred to as the "Bill of Rights", did not come with the Constitution itself. Since the ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, only 17 amendments have been ratified

Who can ratify amendments?

you need 2/3 majority vote from congress, and at least 38 states need to agree.

What amendments are called the procedural amendments?

The 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments.

Why have there been amendments to the Consitution?

As the years have gone out, they realize that things need to be more specified or clearer.

Number of Amendments?

There are 27 amendments!

How many amendments to the bill of rights comprises of the US Constitution?

There are ten amendments in the bill of rights

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments has been to?

The most important effect of constitutional amendments is to change or update the fundamental principles and structures of a country's government. These amendments help ensure that the constitution remains relevant and responsive to the changing needs of society over time.

How may amendments to the constitution?

There are 27 Amendments.

What did amendments do?

The amendments changed or altered the constitution