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More Belgians speak Dutch than French. German is also officially recognised in the east.

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Q: Why does Belgium speak french?
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What year did Belgium begin to speak French?

Only in Wallonia, the bottom part of belgium, and in Brussel they speak French. I don't know when =P

Where do they speak french in Belgium?

In southern Belgium especially in the Brussels area.

Which countries speak french and flemish?


Do people in Belgian speak french?

A majority of the people in Belgium speak French. A large minority do not.

2 countries that speak french?

Belgium and Haiti

What contries speak French?

France, Belgium, Haiti, Luxembourg, Monaco and French Guiana.

How much of France speak french?

32% of the residents of Belgium speak French. Since the country's population is around 10,258,762, that would mean that about 3, 282, 803 speak French in Belgium.

Which two countries in Europe speak French?

There are more than two which speak French: France, Belgium, Andorra, Monaco, and Switzerland.

What are 3 European countries that speak french?

Three European countries that speak French (besides France) are Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Why Belgium speak 3 lenguages?

The people of Belgium speak three languages because the area was settled by the French, the Germans, and the Flemish people. Freedom of language is a part of the constitution in Belgium.

What are the names of other countries in Europe that speak french?

Belgium and Switzerland have a large French population. The tiny countries Monaco and Luxembourg speak French too.

How do people in Belgium pronounce the word Belgium?

We pronounce it "België" 'cause we speak Dutch. Or La Belgique because we also speak French Or Belgien because we also speak German