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They did vote for Lincoln and for Reagan for President and they do have Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Governor's seat. They also recalled the last Democratic Governor they had so while the Democratic Party does hold both Houses of the legislature it is not a completely lost cause for the Republicans.

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How does California usually vote Democratic or Republican?

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Q: Why does California vote Democrat?
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Do you have to be a registered democrat to vote in the Indiana democratic primary?

No, you don't have to be a registered democrat to vote in the primary.

Can you vote for republication president in primary if registered democrat in state of California?

No. You can't cross party lines. You will get the ballot in the party you are registered. If you are independent or Green Party you don't get to vote in the primary.

If i am republican can i vote democrat in Pennsylvania?

you can vote for the party of your choice.

What is a Donkey Vote?

a democratic vote. a democrat is a type of political party in the united states. a donkey represents democrat and an elephant represents republican. I must disagree with this first answer. A Donkey Vote is not a democratic vote or a vote for a democrat in America. It is when a person votes for the candidate that is the first one listed on the ballot.

What can you do to reduce poverty?

Vote Democrat!

What is voting population of US by race?

the majority of blacks vote democrat the majority of whites vote republican hispanics are not as clean cut as blacks but the majority vote democrat

Is there a new law saying that if you are Democrat you have to vote Democrat?

No. You may be limited in your choice of primary candidates, but you can vote for anyone in a general election.

Is Pennsylvania democrat or Republican?

Democrat 54.6% of the vote went to Obama

Why can't you vote for either Democrat or Republican in the primary?

why can't you vote in the primary election for either a democrat or a republican if you register as a republican? would it not be better to register as a democrat and be able to vote either way than to register as a republican and be limited?

If I am independent and I vote democrat will my vote go to the Democratic Party?

yes, it will go to the democratic party. that is no grounds for anyone to call you a democrat, if that is your example.

If you are a Democrat and vote Republican will it count?

Of coarse.

Better to vote Republican or democrat?

Definetely Republican :)