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lead to new legislation to deal witha problem changes in government program, or removal of officials from office.

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Q: Why does Congress conduct investigations?
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For what purpose does Congress conduct investigations?

To gather information to help it make laws, and it can find out how the executive branch is enforcing laws.

Did congress institute the FBI?

No, the Justice Department. Actually the started in 1908 with 34 agents with the mission to conduct investigations for the Department of Justice.

Did Benjamin Franklin conduct safe scientific investigations?

did Benjamin Franklin conduct safe scientific investigations and how effectively did he communicate his cloncusions

What is the task of joint committees in Congress?

expedite business between houses and to help focus public attention on major matters. Include members of both houses of Congress who conduct investigations or special studies

Why do scientists conduct investigations?

Scientists conduct scientific investigations because they want to learn something. These scientists want to know how something works or progresses.

What role does congress fulfill when holding special hearings or investigations?

Congress is fulfilling its role of oversight when it holds hearings or conducts investigations. Congress is one of the three branches of government.

Why is important to conduct pre-employment background investigation?

why is it important to conduct preemployment background investigations

What is the usual forum for congressional investigations?

Congress conducts investigations of companies and individuals by requesting testimony, related documents and other information.

Congress is fulfilling this role or function when holding special investigations?

The Oversight Function of Congress.

Does Alibi Investigation do their internet dating investigations carefully?

At Alibi Investigations, we discreetly conduct internet dating investigations using multiple processes and updated tools to privately investigate your "potential" mate for life.

All what are examples of investigations slated by the 105th congress for investigations and oversight except?

a. alleged illegal fundraising activities of the Democratic National Committee

Does congress hold a congressional hearing?

Yes, Congress has the power to hold congressional hearings. These hearings provide a platform for members of Congress to gather information, conduct investigations, and hold government officials and other individuals accountable for their actions. Congressional hearings can cover a wide range of topics and can have significant implications for policymaking and public accountability.