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The Surgeon General is part of a completely separate branch of uniformed services from the rest of the military. They are called the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Officers within these Corps are appointed and given direct commissions. They share the same pay grades as the U.S. Navy and wear similar uniforms, but wear different insignia to distinguish them. By law, specific positions are assigned pay grades. The Surgeon General necessarily holds the rank of Vice Admiral. A full 4-star Admiral, David Satcher, once held the position of Surgeon General. He was also serving as the Assistant Secretary for Health simultaneously, which is a 4-star office. Further reading:

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Q: Why does the Surgeon General of the US have the rank of Vice Admiral?
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What military rank does a surgeon general have?

The Surgeon General of the United States Army and the Surgeon General of the United States Air Force typically hold the rank of Lieutenant General (three stars), though it is possible for a Brigadier General (two starts) to hold the position. The Surgeon General of the United States Navy holds an equivalent rank - Vice Admiral, though it is possible for a Rear Admiral to hold the position. The Surgeon General of the United States is under the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps - one of the non-military uniformed services of the United States. Their rank structure is based on the rank structure used by Navy and Coast Guard officers, and they are typically appointed to the rank of Vice Admiral in the PHSCC.

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How long does the surgeon general have to serve?

The Surgeon General serves a four-year term of office and is the highest ranking uniformed officer of the PHSCC, holding the grade of a three-star Vice Admiral while in office. However, the Surgeon General reports to the United States Assistant Secretary for Health, who himself may hold the rank of a four-star admiral within the Public Health Service Commisioned Corps. EAT THAT RONI!~

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