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Nobody does, and it is not possible. I doubt any one believes they do.


No one in the US believes this or even desires it. While we Americans can seem to be arrogant and bullying to the some, we are actually very giving people. When the earthquakes hit Turkey in the '80's and '90's, we were the first to send rescue workers and aid. When the tsunami hit Indonesia, the US Navy was the first to respond. We go where people need help.

It just occurred to me where this question may be coming from. In this country, one of the calls law enforcement officers hate to be called to the most is a domestic disturbance. They know that even though two people may be in a house trying to kill each other, that when they arrive all the anger and hate of both people may be turned toward the officers. I think (and this is opinion) that the same is true when the US has gone to other countries to referee a dispute. Maybe we should just retreat within our borders and let the rest of the world beat each other's brains out. Maybe we should just close the doors and let the rest of the world starve. Maybe we should, but we won't. We can't. It is antitheitcal to our nature as a society, as a culture, as a people.

We aren't perfect. Who in the world is? We don't claim to be either. We suffer from the same weaknesses and character flaws as the rest of the world.

We may be loud and blustery, we may be boisterous and arrogant, but we are just as giving and caring.

If this question came from someone who is living in the US currently, enjoying our hospitality, if you don't like us, leave, go home, and take nothing of us with you.

If this question came from someone in Another Country, please be more specific. I, a proud American will be happy to answer as honestly asI can.

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Q: Why does the US think they rule the world?
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