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God did speak to people so that they could actually hear him. It was in the form of his son Jesus Christ. God told us many times that he was Jesus and Jesus was God (in man form). Now the next question will be then why does he not speak audio to us today?

The answer to that is simple. He spoke to thousand of people when he was on earth and told them what we needed to do to see Heaven. Many that heard him speak wrote down the words he said. Then Jesus said to his disciples that they now must go into the world and preach to all the nations what they had seen and heard.

Not just a few people but many saw Jesus come back to life as he stayed on earth for forty day after he rose. Jesus continued to speak to many before descending into Heaven. There was no doubt that he did what he said he would do. Then Jesus before going back to Heaven told his disciples and others what they must do. Jesus said for them to go into all the world and preach of what they had seen with their own eyes.

There were historians in the villages and that was their job to accurately document history. They took their job very seriously by putting down actuate truths as their life long duties.

Now you may say well there are no real pictures of Jesus. No proof he ever existed. I would then say there were none of a famous Indian named Crazy Horse but historians say he existed and most would agree he did.

Even though only one question was asked I felt compelled to answer another often asked question.


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Q: Why doesn't God speak to us so that we can actually hear- As in FORCE us to hear an actual voice?
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