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It's all about image. Sodapop is, in reality, a bookworm. But by definition, Greasers are not bookworms. So Ponyboy makes Sodapop look like a bad-ass by calling him a dropout.

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Q: Why doesn't ponyboy lie referring to sodapop as a dropout?
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Why doesn't Ponyboy like referring soda as a dropout?

Ponyboy recognizes that Soda is smart in his own way. Being book smart is not the only way to be a successful individual. He also is very protective of the brother he is closest to, especially after having lost their parents.Because ponyboy thinks sodapop dropped out because he needed to keep pony in school

Why Sodapop dropped out of school?

Sodapop Curtis dropped out of school because he was failing at it. He also wanted to help with the money payments

WHEN does ponyboy feel defeated?

When his brother Darry hit him. Then Ponyboy ran away.

Why does darry strike ponboy?

Darry slaps Poneyboy because he was out all night and didnt call. Sodapop tells darry to calm down and darry yells at him. poneyboy gets protective over sodapop and yells at darry that he doesnt yell at sodapop... thus make darry slap him.( but darry apologises after which poneyboy doesnt hear because he runs out of the house)

Why does Darry get mad at ponyboy?

It upset Ponyboy because no one ever hit him before. Not even his parents. " Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard that it knocked me against the door. Suddenly it was deathly quiet. We all had frozen. Nobody in my family had ever hit me. Nobody." pg.50

How does Ponyboy feel about Darry?

I think that Darry likes Ponyboy in some ways. He kinda thinks that Ponyboy is a good kid.

Where in the outsiders does it say ponyboy doesnt like alcohol?

I don't even...

What does ponyboy from the outsiders mean when he says he does well in school but he doesnt use his head?

he doesnt use street sense

What is a short summary of chapters 5-6 of The Outsider?

It's funny cuz i had the same question but the answer is when Dally Winston comes to meet Johnny and Ponyboy while they are eating Johnny says I think we shoyuld hand ourselves in. Dally doesnt say anything about not handing them ion but just says the police is harsh with the GREASERS. Late when they head back to church it's on fire and ponyboy and johnny go in to help kids until the roof caves in and hurts johnny and ponyboy but while saving ponyboy dally's arm get burnt. When going to the hospital in the ambulance ponyboy asks and and the person helping him"nurse"tells him that johnny may survive but dally wil be alright. ponyboy meets darry and sodapop and apologizes! hope this helps :)

Why does ponyboy think that Darry loves him?

because adam gronek doesnt eat doodle

How do you know that sandy doesnt love sodapop as much as s odapop loved her?

No one knows. She was only mentioned 2-3 times

Why doesnt darry call the police when pony gets home late?

he doesn't call the police because then the two of them ( as in sodapop and Pony boy who are both younger then 18) would get put in a boys home. They would think that darry couldn't deal with the responsibility of having two kids at home and would take themm away.