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Because hes in the seder

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Q: Why is Eliyahu Hanavi important?
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Who is Eliyahu Hanavi?

Eliyahu Hanavi is a prophet. He was one of the greatest prophets of Jewish History. He lived in the period after Yeravam ben Nevat, who caused the Jewish Kingdom to be split into the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Yehuda, when the First Temple stood, but the People of Israel was sunk in the depths of idol-worship.

When did Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing happen?

Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing happened on 2003-08-19.

Why is Eliyahu important in passover?

Symbolically, Eliyahu comes to the Seder and we prepare a cup in his honor. He symbolizes the future redemption (Malachi ch.3).

When was Eliyahu Feinstein born?

Eliyahu Feinstein was born in 1843.

When did Eliyahu Feinstein die?

Eliyahu Feinstein died in 1929.

When was Nir Eliyahu created?

Nir Eliyahu was created in 1950.

When did Eliyahu Dobkin die?

Eliyahu Dobkin died in 1976.

When was Eliyahu Golomb born?

Eliyahu Golomb was born in 1893.

When was Eliyahu Rips born?

Eliyahu Rips was born in 1948.

When was Eliyahu Essas born?

Eliyahu Essas was born in 1946.

When did Eliyahu Golomb die?

Eliyahu Golomb died in 1945.

When was Eliyahu Hakim born?

Eliyahu Hakim was born in 1925.