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Court orders are not self-executing because they are essentially just words on a piece of paper. If a person simply refuses to obey the decision or order, the judge has no ability to enforce them. It's like when a kid gets told to do something and he says "Yeah, make me." The Courts have no ability to make people obey their decisions. They need the executive branch to do the enforcing for it, because the executive branch usually controls the forces that would make the person obey the order.

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Q: Why is it that Court decisions are not simply self-executing?
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Supreme court decisions can only be overturned by the court itself or by?

The Supreme Court cannot directly enforce its rulings; instead, it relies on respect for the Constitution and for the law for adherence to its judgments. Because the Supreme Court simply bases its decisions on the Constitution, the decisions are not overturned. The decisions simply uphold the Constitution but do not have outside enforcement.Added: Short answer: (in the US) The Supreme Court is the highest court in the nation. Its rulings cannot be overturned unless done by a subsequent ruling of the same court.

How did the community make decisions in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe?

Most decisions were made by simply talking about them. For court decisions, people could go to their elders. If that was not enough, they would take their quarrels to the court of the land ruled by the egwugwu. Finally, decisions that needed the approval of the gods were taken to her oracle.

Are state Supreme Court decisions binding?

All court decisions are binding unless overturned by a higher court.

What happens when the courts cannot make a determination for child custody?

The court with jurisdiction has the authority to make decisions regarding custody.The court with jurisdiction has the authority to make decisions regarding custody.The court with jurisdiction has the authority to make decisions regarding custody.The court with jurisdiction has the authority to make decisions regarding custody.

What decisions did the Supreme Court make?

The Supreme Court has made many decisions. Provide a case or subject and an answer can be given.

What is the difference between 'Supreme Court Report Annotated' and 'Supreme Court Decisions Annotated'?

Supreme Court Report Annotated is the name of the bound series of legal decisions of the Philippines Supreme Court. There is no publication specifically listed as Supreme Court Annotated Decisions or Supreme Court Decisions Annotated, except for a few US historical documents listed as Supreme Court Decisions [annotated].You didn't specify whether you were looking for official documentation for the Philippines or the United States. In the United States, the comparable, annotated volumes of Supreme Court decisions is called US Supreme Court Reports, lawyers' edition.

Do you find US Supreme Court decisions in the Federal Reporter?

No, West Publishing compiles the thirteen US Court of Appeals Circuit Court decisions in the Federal Reporter; US District Court decisions are published in the Federal Supplement; US Supreme Court decisions are published in Supreme Court Reporter. The official US federal government bound publication of Supreme Court decisions is United States Reports. For more information, see Related Links, below.

Which court is the court of last resort whose decisions are final?

Supreme Court

Which court has the authority to review the decisions of the US court appeals?

Supreme Court

Are superior court decisions binding on the supreme court of California?


What is the Court decisions?

a legal brief

What is the basis for court decisions?

The Constitution