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Some people feel it's a violation of our American freedom being that the government is "forcing" you to join the military. Also another problem is that the people in charge of drafting will choose the younger adults before the older ones. So as a parent many are opposed to sending their 18 year olds away to fight while the 25 and older stay here and pray their never needed. And of course if the child happens to be the son of any government official, couple strings pulled here and there and suddenly the neighbors son is being recruited, while theirs remains here in good old America.

But on the other side of things, some feel it should be your duty as an American to help fight for your so called freedom. Anyone arguing that it's violation of freedom should be able to take a bullet for our freedom. Not in all cases are the younger people sent before the older ones, and not all Senator's sons avoid the draft. A lot of just depends on your luck or last name.

It's controversial because their are so many arguments for and against that it cannot be decided which side is correct.

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It is neither good nor bad. Sometimes it is necessary for the defense of a people.

  • drafts are bad people ure answer is in The Bible the bible tell u that drafts can perish 4ever 4 the sake of Jesus Christ
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Drafts are bad because drafts destroy lives and people .

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Q: Why is the military draft a controversial issue?
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