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Minutemen were important because they were able to be ready to protect their community within just a minute, hence the name minutemen.

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Q: Why were minutemen important?
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Why are the minutemen important today?

they were the source of defense for the community.............................

Why was British soldiers and minutemen fighting so important?

It officially started the American Revolution.

After the skirmish between british and minutemen what important meeting was held?

The second continental congress.

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who plays the characters in minutemen

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Captain John Parker was the leader of minutemen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did the British have Minutemen too?

No the british did not have minutemen it was only the colonists.

When was Culpeper Minutemen created?

Culpeper Minutemen was created in 1775.

Who were Colonial farmers ready to fight in an instant?

the minutemen

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