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The Egyptian symbol for life is the ankh.

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Q: An ancient Egyptian symbol for life is?
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The ancient Egyptian symbol for life is the?

a sandle strap

Ancient egyptian symbol for life?

The ankh was the symbol of life in Egypt. (its shape is of an one- eared cross).

What does the ANKH cross means?

It's an ancient Egyptian symbol for life.

The ancient egyptian symbol for life is?

The ankh a cross shape with a ring on top

What is the anciant Egyptian symbol for life?

The ankh is the Egyptian symbol for life.

What is the Ankh used for?

The ankh is known as the key of life. It is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph or symbol for the word "life."

What does the eye of horus represent and its origin?

Ancient Egyptian symbol: The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

Is there a symbol for zero in the Egyptian number system?

There is no known mathematical symbol for zero in the ancient Egyptian number system.

What is the Egyptian symbol of death?

i only know the Egyptian symbol of life which is the ankh. - Ankh is both the symbol of life AND death as the ancient egyptians saw life and death as mirrored. So ANKH = Life, death, eternal life, Pharaoh's key to eternal life. You can learn a lot here:

What is the Egyptian symbol for life?

The Egyptian symbol for life is the Ankh. It is shaped like a cross with a looped handle above the cross bar. You can see many colorful examples and more information at the related link.The Ankh, which, many believe, was a precursor to the Christian Cross, is the Ancient Egyptian sign of life.

How does ancient Egyptian music differ from modern Egyptian music?

how did ancient Egyptian life differ from ours

Who used the ankh?

The ankh was a hieroglyph in ancient Egypt. It was also seen as a symbol of eternal life and was often used in Egyptian art.

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