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Socrates did not believe in the singular God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

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Q: Did Socrates believe in one God?
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Did the sophist believe in god?

Socrates did not believe in the singular God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

Was Socrates a god?

By definition, Socrates was not a god. He was a mortal human being, albeit a brilliant one. He may seem that way sometimes, though.

What god did Sikhs believe in?

They believe in one God.

What did socrates and Plato believe?

Socrates believed in questioning assumptions and seeking truth through self-examination, known as the Socratic method. Plato, a student of Socrates, built upon this by emphasizing the importance of reason, philosophy, and the pursuit of knowledge to achieve a just and harmonious society.

What is Socrates a god of?

He's an ancient Greek philosopher not a god.

Did the Hindu believe in one God?

Hindus believe in One Supreme god (Brahman) and many manifestations of the one supreme god.

Which god do Christians believe in?

in the one and only god and that is god the father. that is the same as jesus christChristians believe in the one true God. The God of the Bible (Old and New Testament). God is 3 in one. God the Father, God the Son, and God the holy spirit. He is not a god, He is God.The God that Christians believe in is the same God that Jews as well as Muslims believe in.

One who does not believe on god?

Is considered an atheist by the mainstream.

Do jews only believe in one god?

Jewish people only believe in one god.

Does God created two worlds instead of only one?

it depends what god you believe in but most believe that there is one god

Do the Freemasons believe in more than one God?

No, the Freemasons do not believe in more than one God.

Do Muslim believe in one god?

Yes.--- they only believe in one God... which is Allah.Yes. Muslims believe in the same god worship by Christians and Muslims.