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In Ancient Greece women were under the absolute, patriarchal control of men. They did not rule. A woman's participation in life was strictly limited to the home. Women had no political power. Women sought solace in religion.

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Q: Did ancient Greece have a king or queen?
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Who is Greece's King and Queen?

There is no king or queen in Greece. Not anymore.

What were the names of the king and queen of Greece?

name of king or queen of greece

What are some names of kings in ancient Greece?

Alexander the great king phillip King Jassa King James Kind Dameran Queen Salami

Queen of the Amazons in ancient Greece?

Queen Hippolyte (Ἱππολύτη).

Who is king or queen of Greece?

the high king people think that Zeus is the high king just also

What is the names of the king or queen of Greece?

The monarchy in Greece was abolished in 1973. The last king was Constantine II

Who were the king and queen of ancient Greece?

There wasn't one. Or, more accurately, there wasn't JUST one. "Greece" was a region, not a single nation; most rulers ruled only a very limited territory.

Who is the king and queen of Greece Olympia?

poo and wee

Leonidas was the king of?

Sparta in ancient Greece

Who is the king of gods?

In Ancient Greece, Zeus is the king of gods. In Ancient Rome, his name is Jupiter

Did ancient Macedonia have a King or Queen?

Ancient Macedonia was a Homeric style kingdom that was eventually absorbed into the whole of Greece. It had three dynasties and a few non-dynastic kings whose wives were Queens.

Is there a king or queen of Greece?

Greece is a republic, they deposed their king. He's still alive though, along with his queen. They're King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie, and they live in London.