Has anyone read the greek myths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have myself

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Q: Has anyone read the greek myths?
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What are all the Greek myths and has anyone wrote every Greek myth?

The Greek myths were stories told by the Ancient Greeks made to explain strange events, things in nature, and basically everythingon the Earth. The Greek myths weren't written down until writing in Greece was actually develpoed, and before that, the myths were all told by mouth. That is why there are many different versions of the myths. In books telling about Greek myths, the myths may be written down, but usually not every single Greek myth is in one book, as there are lots of them. I do not think one Ancient Greek man could have known or told every single myth either.

What significance did myths have on the Greek people?

The Greek myths were the ancient Greek's religion.

Who created Greek Myths?

The greeks created greek myths

When was The Greek Myths created?

The Greek Myths was created in 1955.

Who is Orion in greek mythology?

Orion was one of the best human hunters and a companion of Artemis. He was eventually killed by a giant scorpion. If you want to read more about Greek myths, I recommend D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths.

When did the Greek myths originate?

Greek myths origiated from Greece in 800bce

How old are Greek myths?

The greek myths are as old as the greeks, for they are who made them.

Can we read Greek writing?

If you speak Greek you can read it ... you have to learn it the same as you learn any writing.

Can anyone name all the greek myths and has anyone ever wrote a book of every greek myth?

This is two questions, but both are answered the same way: no, and no. It is nearly impossible to name all the Greek myths because the myths don't have names or "titles", thus it is hard to separate them one from another as they were not intended to be "chapters" in a book. If so there would be at least three versions for every myth, including little changes and notes.

Why are there no greek myths or roman myths and ledgens?

There are Greek and Roman myths and legends. Have you ever heard of Hercuels, Medusa, Jupiter, Zeus.

What became of Greek goddess Hera according to Ancient Greek myths?

According to Greek myths, she is still alive and well.

Why do Greek myths have mythical creatures in them?

if greek myths dident have mythical creatures it wouldent be a myth.