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Q: How Many men did Ulysses have in the beginning of his voyage?
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How many of Odysseus' crew survives?

No one but Odysseus survives the journey back to Ithaca. All his men on his ship and all men on the other ships die during the voyage.

What role did Ulysses have in the Trojan war?

Ulysses, or Odysseus, was the King of Ithaca who led his men as an ally to Agamemnon and Menelaus (along with the other members of the Oath of the Horse). He was also the mastermind behind the Trojan Horse.

Who are ullyses and polyphemus?

Ulysses (also called Odysseus), the man of many turns, was the craftiest of all the Greeks who fought at Troy. After the destruction of Troy, it took Ulysses ten years to get back home to Ithaca. He had many adventures on his journey. One of the very earliest was his encounter with the cyclops (one eyed giant) Polyphemus, who kept Ulysses and several of his men prisoner in his cave for a few days, using some of them as food. Ulysses came up with an escape plan: he got the cyclops drunk and when he had fallen asleep, Ulysses and his surviving men put out his single eye with a sharpened wooden pole. Mad with pain but robbed of his sight, the cyclops was unable to capture and crush them, so he finally had to give up. During the night, Ulysses tied some of the cyclops' sheep together side by side in groups of three. In the morning, when Polyphemus rolled away the giant boulder that blocked the exit from his cave to lead his flock out to pasture, Ulysses and his men were able to escape by holding on to the belly of the middle sheep in each group, since the cyclops, thinking they might use the sheep to get away, only felt the animals' backs. After the small group had finally made it back to the ship, however, Ulysses could not resist mocking the cyclops and telling him who had blinded him thus. Polyphemus then called upon his father Poseidon to lay a curse on Ulysses, which was the cause of all the subsequent disasters that befell the hero.

What is your impression of Odysseus?

Odysseus, also known as Ulysses, is a character in a story. He overcomes many obstacles on his journey home. He is very strong willed, as many men perished before getting home. He is a representation of how people should approach life.

What is lotus in the Greek mythology?

Lotus was a flower. When you ate it you forgot all your memories. In the Odyssey Book 9, Ulysses loses some of his men when the Lotus Eaters give them the plant to eat.

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Why do Ulysses and his men go ashore on the island of the cyclopes?

At this point in the story, where is Ulysses and his men?

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What does Eurylochus suggest to the men while Ulysses sleeps?

the men suggested that they eat the cattle while ulysses is sleeping. But ulysses wakes up so...(:

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What was Ulysses tied to when his ship passed the sirens?

Ulysses was tied to the mast of his ship by his men.

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