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The Akkadian Empire ended when kings found it hard to rule over such a large territory, and soon the Akkadian Empire fell to new invaders (the Sumerians believed it fell because of a curse...) from the north, which began the Babylonian Empire. This is one theory. No one knows exactly how it fell.

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They wanted to ok get on with your lives

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Q: How did the akkadian empire fall?
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Why did the akkadian empire fall apart?

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How the Akkadian empire formed?

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What is with an important contribution from akkadian's empire?

They created the first known empire in history, known as the Akkadian Empire.

How many miles did the akkadian empire extend?

620 miles Akkadian empire Extended..

What was the first empire?

The Akkadian Empire

What continent is Akkadian on?

The Akkadian Empire was in Asia, in the Middle East.

What was sargons empire called?

Akkadian Empire

Who created the world's first empire?

The world's first empire was the Akkadian Empire, established around 3,000 BC by Sargon.

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What did Sargon control?

The Akkadian empire.

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