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It is called the papyrus

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Q: Is a long lasting paper like material made from reeds?
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What is long lasting paper like material made from reeds?


What is a paper like material made from reeds in ancient Egypt?

That is papyrus, and that is where we get the word paper.

What is papyrus used for?

a long-lasting, paper-like material made from reed.

What are papyrus uses?

Papyrus was used by the Ancient Egyptians around 3500 BC. It was an early form of paper which records were written down for the Pharaohs.It was a random crop grown by the Nile River and it was also used for paper. The Egyptians flattened it and used special paints to write with.

What material did Egyptians used to write on?

Papyrus. It's like parchment.

What is a paper like material made from a reed?


What types raw materials are used in paper industries?

Raw Materials of Paper PlantUsually soft wood like eucalyptus, Bamboo, reeds etc. In paper reprocessing plants, Waste paper is used. Brahmajyothi

What are REEDS made of?

A reed is a small wedge of wood, or sometimes plastic, used in instruments like the saxophone, clarinet, and oboe. The reed attaches to the mouthpiece of the instrument where the player's breath causes it to vibrate while they play. These vibrations are what cause the sound to flow throughout the instrument.

What does the word dyes mean?

Dyes are substances used to color materials like textiles, paper, or hair. They can be natural or synthetic and are designed to chemically bond to the material they are applied to for long-lasting coloration.

What brand of saxophone reeds are the best for someone who has been playing for two years?

vandoren reeds, la voz reeds, stuff like that.

What was the field of reeds?

The field of reeds is like a heaven to the ancient Egyptians were all your favorite things are.

Do trumpets have any reefs?

If you mean "reeds" no, trumpets do no use reeds. Some woodwind instruments use reeds, like the saxophone, clarinet, and oboe.