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Yes far more than most. Some examples are

-at Abu Simbel, the light shines in through a passage and illuminates his face, but only on his birthday.When Abu Simbel was moved, modern technology was unable to get the date of illumination as perfectly right as the Ancient Egyptians did.

-The beautiful tombs, temples, pyramids, statues and finds are all incredibly beautiful

-They had good farming techniques

-They had good battle techniques

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Q: Was Ancient Egypt an advanced civilization?
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Yes, the Egyptians deserve to be known as a great civilization. The were advanced and people have learned a lot from their civilization.

When did ancient Egypt emerge as a civilization?

ancient Egypt emerged as a civilization at about 3200 BC.

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Ancient Egypt displayed their advanced ancient civilization by keeping written records of their history and building pyramids that required excellent engineering skills.

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No not really, it was an ancient civilization.

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Ancient Egypt.

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None that we know of as advanced.