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same question... geography assignment.

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Q: What are some differences between the achievements of the ancient greek and roman civilizations?
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What are similarities and differences between olmec and zapotec civilizations?

irrigation systems

What do historians study when attempting to make connections between ancient civilizations and world cultures of today?

Historians study cultural hearths to make connections between ancient civilizations.

What are the similities between the achievements of ancient china and Egypt?


What was the ancient civilization?

There were several of them. "Ancient" usually concerns the Civilizations that existed anytime between about 4,000 BC until the first century AD. Most well-known are the Sumerian, Mesopotamian and Persian civilizations and the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. In the Americas, the Inca and Maya civilizations, although younger, sometimes also are counted as 'ancient' civilizations.

What are the differences between ancient Greece and ancient Rome's geography?


What is one similarity between the ancient civilizations in Egypt and in China?

nomadic lifestyles

What are the differences between Ancient Greece and Ancient china?

They're different countries

What are the differences between Islamic ancient culture and today?

In many Islamic civilizations in ancient times, much emotional and spiritual poetry was written from one male friend to another, such as Rumi's Diwan of Shams of Tabriz. This practice declined during the time of European colonization.

What are the major differences between ancient California and Mesopotamia?


The differences between the food in ancient Greece and ancient Sparta?

Sparta was part of Greece-it was a city in it.

What are differences between ancient Egypt and ancient Persian weapons?

one's persian and another is egyptian!

One similarity between the ancient civilizations in Egypt and in China is that they developed?

written forms of communication